Deism: The Cause Of The Great Awakening

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Due to the age of Enlightenment, religion was affected and there was a new movement created as backlash. The Enlightenment was a movement for the intellectual elite, the highly educated. Many intellectuals questioned the presence of God, and most wanted to use science to understand God. A scientific religion arose, Deism. It grew from the idea that everything in the world, the universe functioned according to natural law and systems. Deists still believed that God created everything but compared God to a clock maker. Once God was done with the world, he would step back and let it work on its own. Natural laws allowed everything work, there was no need for an intervention from God. It was not Christianity because it left no room for a miracle, thus doing away with the virgin Mary or Jesus being sent down to earth. Deists saw God as scientific, a non-interfering god. Deism was shared by many intellectuals but the average person was more moved by The Great Awakening.
The Great Awakening was an emotion religious revival, which occurred when many colonies supported established churches. Due to this awakening, any religious dissent was not tolerated. Preachers began to travel to colonies and spread new ideas, these ministers sought converts to their claim. Many said the key to salvation was a new birth in ones life, which was caused …show more content…

It helped push for a constitutional leadership and the separation of church and state. Throughout this time, colonists realized that religious power resided in their hands, not in the government, and allowed the people to be bold when confronting authority. To break off from traditional ideals and form new ones, the idea of revivalism. Denominations were also becoming more prominent, which showed the progress of toleration. Due to the free thinking of religion and how it is an individuals choice to choose denomination, it would lead to freedom and

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