Del Mar Incident

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On 7-16-15 I was working in a plain clothes assignment at the Del Mar Racetrack in the city of Del Mar for opening day. The operation was specifically targeting underage drinking and drunk in public violations. (CAD #2668046) BACKGROUND INFORMATION: TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: I have been a Peace Officer in the State of California for approximately 15 years, during which time I have made over 100 arrests dealing with possession and use of controlled substances. Additionally, my training and experience includes hundreds of hours of classroom training and practical experience dealing with controlled substances. My training and experience has allowed me to become familiar with the behavior, mannerisms, and methods employed by street level…show more content…
Pursley seemed very confused about what was happening and attempted to leave. Based on Pursley 's behavior and the objective symptoms of alcohol use, Deputy Carrillo and I placed Pursley under arrest and into handcuffs. We walked Pursley to the holding area where Deputy Catano #4487 searched Pursley 's purse incident to her arrest, and located numerous medications that were not in appropriately marked medication bottles. There were approximately six different types of mixed medications loose in her purse, one of which was a pink pill marked E401. This particular pill is a prescription amphetamine which, without a prescription, is a violation of California Health and Safety Code section 11377 (a). There were one and one half pills marked E401, but no prescription or bottle. I attempted to interview Pursley regarding the pills and her alcohol use, but post Miranda she requested a lawyer. The pills later showed a positive presumptive test for amphetamine using a NARK II test kit. The pills were placed into evidence at the Rancho San Diego station. Pursley was later transported to the Vista Detention Facilty for the charges of Health and Safety Code section 11377(a), possession of controlled substance and 647 (f) of the California Penal Code, Drunk in

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