Delacroi The Masked Arcana Character Analysis

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Alana Delacroix is a Canadian author who writes contemporary paranormal romance novels. Delacroix lives in Toronto, Canada in a little house that she asserts is full of paranormal romance, historical, and sci-fi titles. She has an archaeology degree and spent a lot of time hammering copper axes in a quarry before she decided to become an author. Nonetheless her studies in history and archaeology has had a huge influence on her writing. When she is not writing she loves exploring her city and given her hunt for coffee she is always on the hunt for the perfect Toronto coffee shop where she can set her paranormal romance. For the longest time she worked for several companies as a corporate communications specialist which is probably why she adores stationery particularly the Midori Travelers Notebooks.…show more content…
Alana Delacroix builds the suspense and threat through small confrontations that often culminate in an epic battle that will have the reader gripping their kindle and holding their breath as the narrative develops. The story often features a relationship between a human character full of deceit and secret and an Arcane character who is fighting with his overactive Masquerada condition. The female characters such as Caro and Michaela are bold and fierce characters who are typically unwilling to open up about their past to their partners, even when such behavior leaves them in danger. The male characters tend to be bold and confident supernaturals that find themselves torn between their human nature and their supernatural powers. For a character such as Eric, the benefits, dangers and consequence of their many Masquerada personalities make for thrilling adventures even they may ultimately destroy them. Overall both of the characters do deal with specific personal struggle that they have to confront throughout the course of the

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