Alan Delacroix Analysis

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Alana Delacroix is a Canadian author who writes contemporary paranormal romance novels. Delacroix lives in Toronto, Canada in a little house that she asserts is full of paranormal romance, historical, and sci-fi titles. She has an archaeology degree and spent a lot of time hammering copper axes in a quarry before she decided to become an author. Nonetheless her studies in history and archaeology has had a huge influence on her writing. When she is not writing she loves exploring her city and given her hunt for coffee she is always on the hunt for the perfect Toronto coffee shop where she can set her paranormal romance. For the longest time she worked for several companies as a corporate communications specialist which is probably why she adores…show more content…
The novels are a new type of paranormal romance novels with a unique concept which made the novels such a cultural phenomenon. What makes these novels so great is the concept of the Arcane. The Arcane are supernatural beings live in the normal world but hide their supernatural nature from the humans they live with whom they call statics. They call humans Statics because the humans cannot change their appearance. As for the Arcane, they have the Masquerada who can change their appearance while the most special among them can take several forms. Given their special abilities, the Masquerada are self-absorbed and arrogant creatures that look down on humans, the fey, vampires, the mer, and were wolves. The novels are full of snarky danger and suspense and come with brilliant world building as the supernatural interactions come to life in the story. Given that the Masquerada can adopt not only different faces but also entire personalities, they can make themselves entirely different persons making them very powerful. The Masquerada have different levels of power and the power that each one has is the determinant of how many personas they can turn into. Some can take on only the original sex of what they are, others can be both male and female and some can be more than a single person at the same
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