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Every moment is a memorable part of the journey of life. I have always appreciated the value of giving to others because I believe that just being able to lend a hand to others, no matter how trivial it may be, is what makes life worth living. However, my desire to help people started when I began working with children as a teacher’s assistant. It would instill in me a lesson that I would never forget. As my first step at trying something different, in the beginning I was tense, unsure of what to do. Yet the more I interacted with the children, I began to open up to these kids as they reached out to me for just the simplest things. I learned to see the other side of these children the more I connected with them. I watched their jubilant, excited faces as they turned the pages to see the next story and would stare at the pictures. I laughed with them at their small successes, overjoyed that I had been a part of helping them develop and mature. It was amusing, watching them as they would stumble over a math problem, but when they finally …show more content…

It is not only my intellectual curiosity, but also my passion towards giving back to the community, that will lead me to success. As a UD honors student, I plan on joining organizations and performing volunteer work that I have done in high school. It will allow me to consolidate my musical and creative passions, while participating in new extracurricular activities pertaining to sports and community service. I believe that with the University of Delaware’s many opportunities, I can have the potential to become a strong leader and active member of the UD Honors community. The lessons that I have learned from working with these children will forever remain a part of me, as I hope to grow to be someone who will one day be able to change society, and will remind me to always dare to

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