Delaware Persuasive Speech

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Thank you for all you do for our Republican Party here in Delaware. Your energy and support is so important to Delaware’s future! Congratulations on becoming a delegate for the 2016 Delaware State Convention! Because of your passion for conservative values and initiative to better our communities, Delaware is finally poised to stop one party rule. I have shared your passion and fought alongside you since my first senate race in 1994. I have tackled the “go along to get along” political culture in Dover and have refused to support a single bloated budget during my tenure. Bringing that sort of common sense conservatism and taking a stand against big government has won me the “Guardian of Small Business” award from the National Federation…show more content…
Under almost a quarter century of democratic control our economy, education system, and communities have suffered. Indeed, Delaware’s economy is the worst in the region and one of the worst in the country. According to the College Board only 19% of our public high school graduates are ready for work or college. Delaware is the 7th most dangerous state in the country with Wilmington being ranked as the most dangerous small city in the entire country. Regardless of the issue, the democrats have failed Delawareans. Delaware deserves better! I know as you do that Delaware’s brightest days are ahead of us but it will take strong leadership and a tremendous amount of hard work. The democrats are not going to give up power easily, but if we are willing to put in the effort necessary I know we can achieve victory and give Delawareans the future they deserve. We definitely face a significant challenge in the governor’s race in 2016… but we can win! I have been blessed to be elected in my heavily democrat district eight times. I ran statewide for Treasurer in 2010 receiving 49% of the vote, and the most votes of any Republican challenger ever. We can do this! Again thank you for all you do for our Republican Party here in Delaware and I am hoping I can count on your support at the state convention April 30. Please do not hesitate to contact me or my campaign if I can help you in any way. Yours in
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