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¨Sweat¨ by Zora Neale Hurtson focuses on the life of Delia Jones of whom is married to Sykes Jones. Delia, as the protagonist of the story, has gone through different events that have molded her to become the person she never intended to become. Initially she was exposed to the reader as a hard working woman, for the author states "...She was a wash-woman, and Monday morning meant a great deal to her". The following sequence of events shall demonstrate how a beautiful woman was put through disrespect and unfair treatment, faced one of her biggest fears, and an unfaithful path.
To begin with, the story takes place around the early 1920s because it mentions that she has a ¨...Horse and buckboard¨. Moreover, most women in this time period were
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Delia already has professed that she had no luck or hope with love because the author states ¨Too late now to hope for love...¨. This means that she not only has molded to becoming more defensive, but she has faced the reality of their ¨love¨. Adding to this infortune, a new woman called Bertha is in town and as they say she's a ¨fat woman¨. Clearly Skyes is in on her because he takes her to a place where they sell watermelons and as the author stated¨...Skyes was ordering magnificently for Bertha¨. Also, Skyes hates skinny women for he says ¨Gawd! how Ah hates skinny wimmen¨. This is one more event that either makes or breaks how Delia is evolving. The reason for that is because if she can pull herself to have the courage to separate from him or put an end to the misery of that relationship, she will transform into a stronger woman. Also, the author stated that ¨ Bertha had been in town three months now. Skyes was still paying her room rent at Della Lewis¨. Why would he do that for someone else rather than his own wife? First of all the money that he gets is from Delia who works extremely hard to have the house and everything paid because she states ¨Mah sweat is done paid for this house...¨. Secondly, Skyes still thinks that Delia is no one compared to him and believes that he can take advantage of her. Little does he know what's coming next for…show more content…
In the beginnning of the story Skyes pretends to have a snake fall near her by placing a whip a moving it in a slithering motion, and Delia says ¨Skyes, what you throw dat whip on me like dat? You know it would skeer me—looks just like a snake,an´ you knows how skeered Ah is of snakes.¨ He did this because he enjoys seeing her in fear because that’s his goal, but her evolution has no longer let him do that. Until one day after many days of being together in silence, Skyes appears once again at the house. This time with a soap box that he left but Delia didn’t pay much attention to it. It wasn’t until Skyes suspiciously said ¨Look in de box dere Delia, Ah done brung yuh somethin´!¨. When she went to go look what was inside she near right fainted and screamed ¨Skye! Skye, mah Gawd! You take dat rattlesnake ´way from heah! You gottuh. Oh, Jesus, have mussy!¨. This specific moment had Delia at her feet with fear, but in order for her to transform she must deal with the matter carefully and calmly, and so she did. One day after the rattlesnake became fed and well alive the author stated that Delia ¨...Did not run away with averted eyes as usual. She stood for a long time in the doorway in a red fury that grew bloodier for every second that she regarded the creator that was her torment¨. This was the time where she became strong, but in a way that was

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