Deliberative Nursing Process Theory

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As I pursue my career in nursing education, my multi-dimensional approach is evident by the immediate focus either on a patient improved care through meeting her or his needs, having students/coworkers ' development and growth in view as well as delineating the role of nursing. However, ultimately all roads lead to Rome, and here Rome represents adequate patient care. Therefore, this course allowed me through a thorough examination of a wide variety of nursing theories to reveal the tremendous importance of Orlando 's Deliberative Nursing Process Theory in the nurse-patient interaction. Thus, one of the reasons why my attention was drawn towards this theory was not only the significance of nurse 's response to a patient 's distress through…show more content…
In conclusion, Orlando 's theory mainly focuses on the nurse-patient interaction with the application of nursing process with successful goal attainment at the forefront. However, as essential as that is, the second reason for Orlando 's theory is to emphasize nurse 's purpose which extends from caregiver through care planner to care evaluator while preserving a therapeutic relationship with a client. Consequently, Potter and Bockenhauer (2000) summarize that " education and practice in Orlando 's Nursing Theory were found to help nurse achieve this outcome. In achieving this outcome, the nurses were better able to achieve their mission-excellence in each nurse-patient interaction" (p.21). Finally, I would like to wish everyone in this class the most abundant experience on the way to accomplishments in the chosen direction of advanced nursing profession and thank for the most diverse and stimulating discussions. References: Faust, C. (2002). Orlando 's Deliberative Nursing Process Theory: a practice application in an extended care facility. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 28(7), 14-18. Orlando 's Nursing Process. (2012, February 4). Retrieved from Potter, M., & Bockenhauer, B. (2000). Implementing Orlando 's Nursing Theory: a pilot study. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health

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