Deliberative Rhetoric Examples

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Considering the impact of deliberative rhetoric on the modern democracy and the US political course we should recall the events of the presidential campaign of 2008 and the elections, during which Barack Obama was elected as the 44th president of Unites States of America. Due to the competition between John McCain and Barack Obama, the last candidate won the election with the support of the democratic party and 52.93% of the votes given for his support. The question could be arisen at this point “With regards to the efforts of the democratic party’s propaganda, is the free deliberative rhetoric is beneficial to the functioning of a democracy considering the recent course and outcome of elections?”
Yes, because the rhetoric used by Obama during the presidential campaign has affected the outcome of the
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The constitutive identities are represented by the meaning of identities constructed through appeals to a collective’s sense of who is it – that was an example of the event of elections of 2008. The candidate was referring to the concept of the democracy in most of his speeches as The American Promise Acceptance Speech at the Democratic Convention, the speech given in Mile High Stadium on 28th of August, with a statement “this too is part of America 's promise - the promise of a democracy where we can find the strength and grace to bridge divides and unite in common effort”, the interpretation of the terms is the rule of the people, the opportunity of changing the recent course of US and the outcome of elections, as Barack Obama mentions in the famous slogan “Yes, We Can” during the presidential campaign. The democracy in this moto has a dynamic representation, the call for the union, without the division on the particular groups, this rhetoric gives the trust in the feeling that your vote
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