Delicatessen Film Analysis

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A reflection on the movie - Delicatessen, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Marc Caro This essay is a short critique on the French movie Delicatessen. It will discuss the directors and writers of the movie. It also looks into some of the most memorable scenes of the movie and makes some assumptions of the meaning behind them. There is also a short theory on the gender roles of the movie and how they tie in with society. According to IMDb (1992), the self taught French director Jean - Pierre Jeunet started his film career at the unripe age of seventeen. He and Marc Caro, a designer and comic book artist soon became friends. They immediately began making what would become award winning, short animations together. Their first feature film Delicatessen…show more content…
In times of war and food scarcities man will chow down into anything to survive. That is why we are top of the food chain. It also puts the point across in times of war some will chose to survive on amphibians and snails. However in the Delicatessen world one can also survive on one 's own family members. There are many food references throughout the movie and even some product placement, one scene shows an advertisement for Kraft on the television. The amusing code names of the vegetarian army include ‘Artichoke heart’ ‘Cordon Bleu’ and the ultimate ‘Sauce Master’ the chain in command. The butcher refers to one debted tenant as ‘Tapioca’. These are all place with a certain hilarity of French cuisine. Even in times of war and cannibalism the French are still noble and it’s due to their sublime cuisine. The movie has set very distinct roles for men and women. If the female characters aren 't trying to commit suicide, they are conspiring a strategy to ruin their out of control predecessor. One does question the whereabouts of Julie 's mother at some point. One also might consider that Julie’s father has eaten her mother, this would explain the estranged father / daughter
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