Delinquency Among Children Essay

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According to the UNICEF, an alarming number of children around the world who are convicted for various crimes are usually deprived of their needs and rights and held in detention without sufficient care. While the condition stresses on the improvement of these children, still there are issues of severe deprivation. Moreover, most of them are not been liked and yet are being held for months, often without access to legal aids, resulting that the majority of children come to conflicts with law. Some of these children are from the disadvantaged populations who are criminalized for simply lying for survival. Frequently, the children are held under deplorable and inhumane conditions. Physical and psychological abuse is common and the
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A comparative study was conducted between some countries which measured the levels of self-esteem. Kaplan (1957, 1977, 1978, and 1980) argues that negative selfesteem results from the situations in which the adolescent is unable to defend their selfimage, the situations such as school failure, rejection by school, and parental rejection. Some environmental factors have been identified which leads to delinquency among youths.
Weatherburn and Lind (1997) observed that the reasons for delinquency in urban and rural areas where same such as social and economic stress, child neglect, and child abuse.
According to them the social and economic disadvantages are the root cause which leads to an increasing rate in the offences such as theft, robbery.
Comanor and Phillips (2002) observed that fathers play a critical role in the rearing of boys at a tender age and having a step-father also increases the delinquency among the children rather than having a step-mother.
2.5 Conclusion: It can be seen that both individual variables and environmental conditions are considered to be important by the previous studies in being responsible for delinquent behavior. It is also important that individual’s perception of fair treatment by

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