Delirium Analysis

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Courage is a virtue, always desired, but not often achieved. Humans are born to be courageous, whether it is due to their upbringing, or the choices they make. Often, the human brain can be indecisive; being courageous dissolves into being fearful or having a sudden urge to want something irrational, as is the case in the novel, Delirium, written by Lauren Oliver considering revising for run on sentence. Lena is a less than average girl who struggles in a world which is controlled by power and fear. The cold electric fence that lines the outer edges of Portland keeps the population contained in the “ideal” world that the government desires to rule. In the “ideal” society, love is considered to be a disease that demands to be resolved as the…show more content…
This acknowledges that love isn’t always obvious at first, but the strength that you gain by building off of your weakness will give you the power to accomplish anything. A ray of light is shed on this idea when Alex falls in love with Lena. This does not happen all at once, but slowly as the fear of love is acknowledged by both. Because of Alex’s past, the emotion of love comes naturally to him and when his eyes landed on Lena’s, his weakness became evident as shown when, “he breathes, ‘Beautiful,’ and when his eyes meet [Lena’s] [she] know[s] that he really, truly means it” (261). Alex goes on to explain that the love that he feels for Lena is undying and he accepts that he feels something for her. Even though it is considered wrong in the eyes of many, Alex uses this to better himself. It helps him to gain strength, which contradicts the perception that love doesn’t give society bravery. Oliver also uses the theme of using your weakness to gain strength in broader terms, when the government uses the weakness of love to gain bravery and power within the state of Portland. This is displayed when the state commands the uncured to feel no love. When the narrator states, “In all the years that the procedure has been administered and the marriages arranged, there have been less than a dozen divorces in Maine, less than a thousand in the entire United States-and in almost all those cases, either the husband or wife was suspected of being a sympathizer and divorce was necessary or approved by the state” (21). This shows the power that the government has over the population. In the perspective of the government, love clouds individual’s minds, causing their thoughts to be “deadly” when in reality, they are being deceitful and using their weakness as a strength to gain power. This is displayed when approved matches are the root to society and the fear of having real
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