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The Viverridae family consist of 34 species in 20 different genera. The main animals that make up these families are the Civets, the Linsangs, and the Genets. The information below will talk about the fossil records, comparing and contrasting between the species traits, comparing and contrasting the job and environment of the species, evaluating the adaptive value of the traits in each species, give the approximation of the time of speciation and theorized cause of speciation, and find a common ancestor between the three chosen species. For this information I have chosen to do the Asian Palm Civet (Genetta Genetta), Common Genet (Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus), and the African Linsang (Poiana Richardsonii). The image on the right is a picture of an Asian Palm Civet skull and jaw line being and example of fossil records. There isn 't much information on fossil…show more content…
All of this depends on how much food is available to the species and how much they consume. The role in the economy for the Asian Palm civet is they act like bees by eating tree seeds and when they desecrate miles away they are repopulating the forest. Very little is known about the Viverridae family overall but it is believed that the Viverridae family comes from the Carnivora ancestors that no longer exist and the date first recorded about the family is in 1821 by John Edward Gray. The Civets or the overall family of Viverridae is most closely related to mongooses and meerkats but further researching the mongoose and the meerkats they have been placed into their own family in a Viverridae family or a

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