Delivery Nurse

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To be a delivery nurse it is imperative for me to have the correct skills and management to strive for success. I really would love to be a delivery nurse because it gives me the opportunity to see the happiness in people’s eyes when they see their little bundle of joy for the first time. To be what is expected of this job to be a fast-paced worker meaning I need to work fast as well as efficiently, I need to be structured and organized so I can be in tip top shape and I also need to be multifaceted also meaning I have to have many features that comes in a small package. In other words I need to be comfortable with any situation regardless and have many mastered skills under my belt. I definitely need to take the proper courses to get where I need to be and they include: Chemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Pharmacology and many more courses with additional electives for labor and delivery.
The disadvantages of this amazing job is many things; the possibility for infection, sickness,
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I mean I can’t just become a Delivery Nurse overnight I takes time and effort. I plan to attend Georgia Southern University for My Bachelor’s degree in science of nursing after I finish RVEC/HCC and receive my Associate in science of nursing. Then I will proceed to Duke University in the spring of 2025 to medical school so I can go on my path to get my Master’s and higher along with my Medical degree as well with my nursing certification to be a proper delivery nurse in training. Any college is acceptable when you are trying to get any type of certification in your name some may include: Halifax Community College, Duke University, Georgia Southern University and many others like Vanderbilt University and John Hopkins University. I think that if I keep the drive and the focus that I have now to better myself then I can be unstoppable and maybe one day I can be the BEST delivery nurse
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