Dell Customer Relationship Management Case Study

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Dell-customer relationship management Customer relationship management (CRM) is the defined as the process to creating and maintaining relationships with its customers. A long term relationship of a company with its customers ensures repetitive business for the company and a loyal customer base. Over the years Dell has pioneered the system of directly interacting with its customers which resulted in a competitive advantage for Dell. The customers of Dell are worldwide ranging from individuals, small organizations, large organizations and institutional organizations. The mission statement for Dell is to be the most successful computer company in the world giving the best customer experience. To achieve this objective the biggest challenge what Dell faced was how it would manage its wide range of customers and what technology would it need to achieve this goal? Dell customers Dell customers can be classified mainly into 2 categories: Transactional customers: These customers are typically those customers or small businesses that make usually make small transactions and they account for close to 30% of Dell’s business globally. These customers typically focus upon the economics of the purchase looking at…show more content…
Dell introduces the latest available technology faster than companies with slow moving indirect distribution channels turning inventory much slower as compared to Dell .Dell was able to extend its build to order model from suppliers to the customer while continuing to maximize operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Customers were able to save money as well as order a machine according to their custom needs. Also by having an efficient CRM system Dell was ranked 28 by the Fortune 500 companies as they have had a persistent focus upon providing the best customer

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