Della And Mathilde In The Necklace

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Narcis Celic
English I
15 December 2016
Compare/Contrast English I Essay

Mathilde in “The Necklace” is simply unhappy because she doesn't have money but has a rich husband. Della in “Gift of the Magi” is unhappy because she doesn't have money to buy her husband a gift for Christmas so she makes a decision. Let's start with similarities with both of the main characters in “The Necklace” and “Gift of the Magi”. Della and Mathilde are both women who struggle against money. The two women have been blessed with physical beauty, In the first sentence of “The Necklace” the author states “She was one of those pretty and charming girls born, as though fate had blundered over her, into a family of artisans.” (Guy de Maupassant 1). this is stating
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In the second paragraph of the story the author states that she is suffering because she doesn't have the things she wants by saying, “She suffered endlessly, feeling herself born for every delicacy and luxury. She suffered from the poorness of her house, from its mean walls, worn chairs, and ugly curtains.” (Guy de Maupassant 2) “She had no clothes, no jewels, nothing. And these were the only things she loved;” (Guy de Maupassant 2) The author included this to let the readers know what kind of “Poverty” Matilde was living in. Mathilde doesn't seem to love her husband as much. He thinks different about her. He treats her like a queen and buys her everything she wants. When she got the invitation to the party, she responded so heavily and he was the complete opposite. The author shows this relationship by saying, “Instead of being delighted, as her husband hoped, she flung the invitation petulantly across the table, murmuring: "What do you want me to do with this?" "Why, darling, I thought you'd be pleased. You never go out, and this is a great occasion. I had tremendous trouble to get it. Everyone wants one; it's very select, and very few go to the clerks. You'll see all the really big people there."” (Guy de Maupassant 2) it seems she obviously just wants money and her gifts. She thinks about herself and only herself. Unlike Della from “Gift of the Magi” She is
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