Delly Is A Troublemaker

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When words can jump off of a page and paint every scene on the canvas of my mind, I forget what is happening around me as I sink into the pages of the book and turn into the main characters of the story. These books are not just good books. They are great books. True (Sort of) is a brilliant masterpiece that made me laugh and cry, and almost everything in between. Delly is a troublemaker. With a huge family, a terribly annoying sister, and an agitating pest at school, she has a lot of anger that is built up inside of her that can’t be handled. When Delly starts yet another fight, taking it one step too far, she has to get her act together before she loses everything. “I’ll be different. I promise.” This quote is important in the story, because…show more content…
She is a quiet, sad, and lonely girl. Ferris has no friends, and no interest in making any either. She is a mystery to everybody, especially Delly. When Delly goes against the rules and causes Ferris to run from school one day, she tries to talk to Ferris so Delly won’t get in trouble. She ends up at her house, and then spends time with Ferris every day after. This is the beginning of a friendship which strengthens throughout the story. Ferris and Delly spend a lot of time together, causing Clarice (Delly’s mom) to wonder what her daughter is up to. “I have a project,” Delly explained. She went over to Ferris’ house everyday after school until the whistle blew, which was Delly’s signal that it was time to come home. I loved how Delly and Ferris Boyd would ‘talk’, even though Ferris couldn’t physically speak. They had silent conversations. I loved that Delly would tell Ferris all of her troubletales, and no matter how bad Delly was, Ferris still wanted to be her friend. The hideaways made the story fun and exciting. The author did a great job at choosing descriptive words so that the I could visualize the setting. When the first hideaway was introduced, I found myself daydreaming and envisioning the tree where RB, Delly, and Ferris would spend their time together. I thought the second hideout was even better. I could picture everything on the beach. All the things they saw, everywhere they went on their way there and back, and everything the three friends did together at the beach. Katherine Hannigan deserves a standing ovation for her descriptive
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