Delphi Technique: A Group Communication Process

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Qualitative research is gathered using depth interviews and focus groups. Face-to-face interviews and focus groups can provide important insights into the services, the market and the customers. However, getting clear results from qualitative research can be difficult. During a focus group, people may be positive just to be polite, while others may dominate the discussion. The company would also be working with only a small sample of the target market as typical groups are usually between four and eight people. Qualitative research could also be conducted by one-on-one interviews. Recording the process is especially useful for accuracy and for reminding the researcher what respondents said as well as how they looked in the interview. Non-verbal…show more content…
The technique is designed as a group communication process which aims to achieve a convergence of opinion on a specific real-world issue” (Hsu and Sandford, 2007) .

The Delphi process can be used in various fields of study such as needs assessment, program planning, resource utilisation, and policy determination. The Delphi technique is used to develop a variety of options, examine or discover underlying assumptions, as well as correlate findings on a topic. The Delphi technique is appropriate as a method for developing agreements by using a series of questionnaires to collect data from a group of selected subjects. Subject selection, the possibility of low response rates, controlled feedback from the respondent group, and the time it takes for conducting and completing the study are areas which Lufthansa Technik Malta should consider when designing a Delphi
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It can help to build core company values, helps with market positioning and repositioning, and can help Lufthansa Technik Malta determine what it needs to improve in the business in the longer term. Research is critical not only for identifying problems but also for establishing solutions and making decisions regarding what are the best strategies. Solid, repeatable research can help shape the identity of Lufthansa Technik Malta, not only to the team, but also to the public. A company must create clear objectives, strategies, and operations to sustain its competitive advantage. The corporate culture and values of the employees must be associated with those goals as

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