Delphos Dress Analysis

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Image one shows two women in ‘frothy high necked gowns with huge hats’ (Down with Frou Frou) This look is typical for this time period. Both women are wearing large hats with a feather at the top and their whole body is covered up from head to toe. It is likely that they are wearing under garments such as padded bras, girdles, petticoats or corsets to achieve the ‘S shape’ figure which was a ‘dominant silhouette of the edwardian era’ (Fifty years of change). Women in this time era tried to achieve a large overhanging mono-bosom with a tiny small waist. This image is linked to the political drivers of change; The influence is the suffragette movement because during this time period women set up the suffragette campaign as they wanted to have equal rights and be able to vote. This could suggest that the two women may have been going to a Suffragette meeting
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The ‘Delphos Dress’ is made from light weight silk that has been finely pleated and is loosely fitted to allow movement. This type of dress perceives more of a natural shape to the body. All 3 dresses have a dropped waist and the idea of the ‘S shaped’ figure was forgotten about by 1915. The waist band is positioned just above the hips so it gives a true perception of the women’s proportions.This type of dress is usually worn with no under garments which is a big change from the first image where undergarments such as corsets were essential to outline the figure. By this point in time a greater voice in women's roles in society was created and this type of clothing reflected the suffragette movement. Paul Poiret was a major influence on fashion at this time, he wanted to design clothing that was ‘less constricting, freer,looser’ (Down with Frou Frou) which is linked to formal innovation driver of

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