Delsey Palms: A Case Study

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Oral History Jennifer Meza conducted an interview focusing on the development of technology over the past few decades; the interview was done the morning of October 4th, 2015. Delsey Palms was introduced to Jennifer by her former English teacher; she opened up the doors of her home, willing to answer any questions Jennifer had. Mrs. Palms was born 1929 in Hastings, Nebraska; she grew up traveling all over the United States attending over 13 schools by the time her 8th grade year came along. Her father was a construction worker who gave his family the chance to get to know many places; unfortunately he was killed under circumstances that were kept unknown. Mrs. Palms has a passion for learning, revealing that it has not been long since the…show more content…
Palms developed a love towards music at a very young age; Frank Sinatra was her first favorite recording artist during her youth. She has always been open minded about artist and sound options, stating that as time goes by people change their opinions concerning sound taste and that is totally acceptable. The moment Jennifer asked Mrs. Palms about the type of record player that she owned, a bright smile took over the moment, jokingly stating “ At least it wasn’t the one with the big horn” and after a couple of giggles she explained the record player being used in her household was described as, “ the one with the cute little needle”. The record player was located on the right side of her husband’s favorite rocking chair; because that’s the only way he could relax. As a lover of the music industry she was always up to date with the great artist, therefore she was constantly buying records. Her favorite place to obtain such records was the Dime store, where she could find almost anything she was looking for, for only $1.98. After all this time Mrs. Palms still keeps a collection of a lot of records that she owns, four cabinets full of them to be exact. She claims that now a lot of people follow artist simply because they are the latest and not necessarily because they are the best, which is not entirely a bad thing, but she feels the youth is missing out on what good sounds
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