Delta Advertisement Analysis: Delta Air Jetliners

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Every day, at any given time during the day, a person can look up into the sky and see countless trails left behind by airplanes. During the past, most people dreamed of being wealthy enough to afford to ride an airplane and experience the lavish services they offer. In the 1960s, when a Delta advertisement was published, the main focus of the ad was how extravagant their services offered aboard were. However, as time has progressed and air travel has become easier, it has also been viewed as a dangerous form of transportation. In the eyes of a terrorist, airports are viewed as an easy target to “test” the United States’ security. To reassure its citizens, the US government has maximized its security, especially in airports, and they have made…show more content…
The advertisement states, “extra hands assure extra luxuries on Delta Royal Service Flights”. The words “Royal Service Flights” are written in a cursive handwriting to emphasize the luxuriousness of the flights. In smaller font, it assures the customers that “not two, but three” stewardesses will be aboard each flight. The advertisers are trying to tell the readers that the amount of stewardesses aboard their flights can help to make the riders’ experience more enjoyable. The ad also contains a paragraph which explains the benefits of having extra stewardesses, including that they will be able to pay more attention to each of the riders’ needs. The paragraph also explains what kind of luxurious services are offered aboard Delta flights. The advertisers make sure that the description of their services makes them sound as elaborate as possible, attempting to lure people to book their flights through Delta…show more content…
The picture contains three stewardesses attending to the needs of two people on the flight. Each person is smiling and seems to be acting like they are having a good time. Also, the passengers are dressed in expensive clothing for the time period of the advertisement, implying that the advertisement is aimed towards wealthy citizens. A stewardess on the left side of the image is filling a woman’s glass with champagne. The woman is wearing several pearl necklaces and has a tray full of food sitting in front of her. Both the woman and stewardess have smile clad faces. Then, on the right side of the image, a different stewardess is assisting a gentleman by placing a napkin on his lap while the third stewardess is bringing him his tray of food. These three people also have smiles beaming across their faces. In the image it is very evident that the stewardesses are very helpful to their clients. Each of them are busy providing assistance to the passengers and it is difficult to imagine how they would function with only two or even one stewardess. The picture clearly demonstrates the advertisements slogan of “extra hands assure extra luxuries”. In today’s standards, riding an airplane is not only for wealthy people. Airlines no longer need to make it clear how they pamper their passengers on flights. However, what they really are trying to advertise is that they can provide a safe and secure environment in their
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