Delta Airlines Marketing Strategy

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In today world of intense competitive marketing decisions often become vital distinguishing factors between industry leaders and other market players. The strategic marketing decision is taken based on their marketing mix i.e. 4 P'S of marketing. Controlling these parameters, companies may consider various internal and external marketing challenges. The marketing mix of the firm in a large part is the product of evolution that comes from day to day marketing, the mix represents the program that a management evolved in the ever challenging market (Bordern, 1994). This paper will study the world -known and reputable airline company, Delta Airlines to approach the context of marketing of the U.S Airline Industry. In the U.S Airline industry,…show more content…
Delta's mission is the " Worldwide Airline of Choice" and their strengths lies in their competitive edge of Delta's people, customer service as the cornerstone of their company, a strong route system, outstanding operations and fleet and ethical actions. Delta's vision builds on Delta's in sustained profitability comes to the opportunity for growth with advancement and the pride with an exceptional business organisation. Delta has a Success Through Service training of this competitive advantage. Delta had led the industry with customer satisfaction ratings, providing passengers with consistent, high-quality flying experience. Since 1971, Delta has maintained the best overall record of passenger satisfaction of any major U.S airline per 100,000 customers…show more content…
Delta has highest ACSI score of 71 among the legacy carriers and is recognised as the "most admirable airline" by Business Travel News and "Airline of the Year" by Air Transports World. Delta Express offers competitive salary package to motivate loyalty among its employees. Some of the Delta departures in Orlando airport mainly from Delta Express which covers the whole wing in the airport terminal. Delta Airlines focusses on employee development and innovation, to ensure management act accordingly. The company also operates point-to-point service that is not part of the mainline network. This enables Delta Express to operate point-to-point service that is not part of mainline operations. Delta Express gains leverage from being offer Delta SkyMiles frequent flier points. They introduced seasonal fares and constantly keep costs down. Even though the industry remains intensively competitive now, most the carriers have a route system well suited to their individual strengths, and fewer carriers have a route system well suited to their individual strengths, unlike fewer carriers are on the verge of bankruptcy or struggling to maintain the turnover. Most airlines pursue the total market strategy that is an attempt that is meant to provide services for significant parts of the business, leisure and freight segments. Whereas,

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