Delta Force Characteristics

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In modern combat today there is no longer a threat of a national army invading another nation today. Instead there is a new threat that has raised more than a decade ago which is terrorism. These new groups are tougher to defeat because of their guerilla style tactics. To combat this new threat, special forces groups have been created to stop these, many of which are highly trained in guerilla tactics, and other methods as well.

Stealth is the one trait that special forces utilize the best, because in every operation they must be quite in order to accomplish their tasks. Delta Force is one of the many special forces that use stealth to their advantage, which is why they are the most feared elite forces in the world. In recent conflicts Delta Force has been victorious in hostage rescue operations during the Iraq war in 2003, one example is the rescue of three or four private contractors from enemy held territory. Another example on how stealth helped them was when they went into an ISIS prison and freed the hostages held in the prison. Delta Force has also operated in operations in Afghanistan to root out Taliban positions in the country. Also,
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This is what makes a special forces team the best in the world, it is the dedication to each other as a brotherhood that helps them win any mission that is thrown at them. Whenever a brother is killed, they take that very seriously and personally and they will always work together to seek their revenge on those who killed him or take out the whole group of enemies as revenge. Special forces teams usually serve five or more years together, which makes the special bond stronger. Also, when in training these brotherhoods are always formed, because they must work together to accomplish their very difficult missions, which only makes them closer as

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