Demaryius Thomas: A True NFL Hero

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Demaryius Thomas lost his mom and grandma to drug dealing and fought through it, and made it to the NFL. He was drafted by the Denver Broncos. While growing up he stayed with lots of other people. Demaryius Thomas demonstrated strength by overcoming his rough childhood and going to the NFL and becoming a great athlete. Demaryius Thomas was born on Christmas, 1967. His parents are Bobby Thomas and Karina Smith, She was 15 when she had Demaryius and they were not married but took custody of him together (Maul). Demaryius Thomas’s Mom and Grandma were both arrested when he was 12 years old which made life growing up difficult. Right after Bobby Thomas graduated from high school he went to the army (Maul). On March 15, 1999 Police busted through…show more content…
Demaryius Thomas has played 8 years in the NFL. He has played in 3 pro bowls out of his 8 years in the NFL. Demaryius Thomas has played 85 games in the NFL, all of these games have been with the Denver Broncos.He has opened all 10 post season contest for the Denver Broncos in first 6 seasons. Demaryius Thomas is the first player in Denver history with 32 games with 100 yards or more in those games. He is the second in the NFL with 100 yard games since 2011. Demaryius Thomas is one of the three players ever with 90+ receptions and 1,300 yards in a season. He set a record for most reception yards as a Denver Bronco with 226 yards vs the Arizona Cardinals. He was selected to his first pro bowl in 2012. He finished his college career at Georgia Tech top four yards and touchdowns in Georgia Tech history. He finished with the 7th most yards there. He was selected by the Denver Broncos in 2010 in the NFL draft. Demaryius Thomas is 6 foot three inches. He has been to the super bowl twice, he has won the super bowl only once. He has had 52 total touchdowns. He has had 546 total receptions in the NFL. He has had a total of 7,704 yards in his career. At this time Demaryius Thomas is 29 years old. He has had 3 rushes ever for 6 yards, averaging 2 yards per carry. He has had 10 kick returns for 398 yards. He has won player of the week twice in the NFL. He has had 3 seasons in top 10

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