Dementia Communication Strategies

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Communication Strategies Overview One of the many challenges posed by people suffering from dementia is communication. As this disease advances the brain begins to deteriorate by showing signs of lost memories, clear thought, and a lack of personal hygiene. In addition, mood swinges become evident stemming from the frustration of losing their ability to remember and communicate clearly with others. Other noticeable changes occur in the personality and behaviour patterns, such as a lower regard for personal hygiene. What follows are suggestions on how to communicate with individuals suffering from Dementia Communication is something we learn throughout our lifetime and when we begin to lose this ability it changes us. Understandably, caregivers need the ability to communicate with their patients in order to help them and provide the care necessary to improve their well being. This…show more content…
All of us have the ability to pick up on the mood of others. We do this on a subconscious level by noticing the body language and voice tone. Keeping this in mind, it helps to keep an upbeat attitude and beware of your own body language, your stance, the position of your arms, a smile and the tone in your voice. When speaking with someone with dementia keep a positive and respectful tone in your voice and always pose in a neutral stance, or when seated. It helps also to utilize the power of touch, (done so gently), on the arm or shoulder. This helps to convey the message and the feeling of caring. 2. Try not to allow distractions when trying to communicate. Limiting them helps as well, such as turning the TV volume down or off, as with a radio. Dimming the light in a room helps, closing the blinds or curtains for example. If it is easier to move to a quieter location, do so. Once the noise or other distractions are gone make sure you have their attention before attempting to speak. Always address them by name and make sure to sit if they are sitting to maintain level eye

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