Dementia Impact On The Older Person

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The author of this assignment is a Health Care assistant (HCA) student on work experience in a short stay hospital. For the purpose of this essay the author will highlight the impact of Dementia on the older person, the impact of ageing on the older person, the care needs of someone with Dementia, the value of health promotion for the older person; the HCA will place emphasis on the physical, social and psychological aspects for the older person. Throughout this essay the HCA will outline the importance of the patient’s safety, communication and the promotion of maintaining the patient’s privacy and dignity.

The HCA will be assisting a patient that is 82 years old whom for the purpose of this essay will be referred to as Clare. Clare is a patient with Dementia whom needs assistance with dressing, grooming, showering, toileting as well as other care needs. According to the (Dictionary of Nursing (2002), Churchill Livingstone’s 1st edition.) Dementia is described as an irreversible deterioration of mental functioning, which is the result from organic brain disease. Dementia is a term that is used to describe various conditions which cause brain cells to die, which leads to the deterioration in memory, affects the person’s ability to do everyday activities, it may also affect a person’s personality and mood. They may also have an inability to concentrate.

Dementia is not a

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