Dementia Lewy Bodies: A Case Study

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Susan Williams wants to raise awareness about Dementia Lewy Bodies (DLB), a brain disease that claimed the life of Robin Williams. In an interview People, Nov. 5, 2015, Susan said that no one knew Robin had DLB until after the autopsy confirmed their findings. Although his death was a traumatic experience for Susan, her pain, and sense of loss came when she was forced into a legal battle over Robin’s estate. In two and a half weeks after Robin passed away, the trustees entered the house and started taking things away. Susan said that they wanted to take everything from the home and then she could come and claim things that were hers, if she could prove it. It seemed they laid claim to everything, even her wedding gifts because of the terms stipulated in Robin’s will, it fell under the memorabilia category. In her interview with Amy Robach on “Good Morning America, concerning the lawsuit, Susan said, “I was forced into it, basically. I 'll never forget being on the phone with one of the trustees and saying, 'Are you kidding me? I 'm not going to be able to keep our wedding gifts? '" However, it didn’t end with just taking the wedding gifts, and other items, Susan said they even wanted to take Robin’s slippers. She said she “had to fight” just to keep them. According to Susan, the trustees were “stonewalling me, and I was forced to go to the courts.…show more content…
She asked the trustees where it would all end. Did they want her as well because she was his wife and he touched her? In October, the case was settled out of court with each side apparently getting part of what they wanted. Meredith Bushnell, the attorney for Robin’s kids Zachary, Zelda, and Cody, released this statement to the Associated Press. “I think they 're just very happy to have this behind them." Susan gets to remain in the home, as Robin wanted until she passes away and her bills with the home would always be taken care
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