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Dementia History Dementia is a disease that brings grief to a family if it is not handled correctly. This disease gradually begins and worsens the cognitive ability over several years. In the dawn of nineteenth century, dementia was just a clinical concept. The doctors believed that dementia in aged people fluctuated within the idea that was due to the blockage in the major arteries in the brain or small strokes inside the vessels of the cerebral cortex. Recently they believe that the dementia is caused due to the mixture of both conditions. The people are surprised to know that the people with senile dementia are labelled as lunatic in the nineteenth century. In addition, there were often the only institution which they had to accommodate is the lunatic asylum. The people with dementia are referred to as the person who lost his/her ability to reason and social skills. Dementia destroys the brain cells due to which sometimes behaviour of people with dementia may change. Intro to art gallery Mosman art gallery is a zealous public gallery, in the suburbs of Sydney. Which presents varied and rich exhibitions and special events. Intro to artist While expressing about the topic dementia story begins with Sydney based mother and daughter artists Ann Cape and Sophie Cape. For the past decade they have lived under this unending shadow…show more content…
She taught at the Royal art society, NSW, The Willoughby art centre, NSW and various other art schools and TAFE colleges across Sydney and country centres. Ann Cape is well known for her portraits. She is not interested in experimenting art rather than she sticks to the conventional method of art. She has also judged a number of art prizes and she is a member of advisory committee at Mosman Regional gallery, A National art school alumni, FONAS and a fellow of the Royal art society. She is also a recipient of over 80 first place awards in regional and suburbs

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