Demeter: The Philosophy Behind Agriculture In Ancient Greece

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What was the philosophy behind the agriculture in Ancient Greece? Was it an unknown reason behind the growth of plants? Why didn’t the plants grow all time round the year? Could it be a god behind the scenes and their power causing fertile land? Demeter was a great Goddess from Greek Mythology and played a big role in the philosophy of plants. Demeter was the goddess of agriculture and daughter of Cronus and Rhea. She had been reborn, similar to her other siblings. The story behind it was that, after Zeus ousted his Father, Cronus, he was made to throw up Zeus’ siblings. The goddess was married to her brother, Zeus, and had offsprings with others too such as, ose. One of the most common of Demeter’s offsprings was, Persephone, Queen
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She was mostly goddess of agriculture. The Greeks believed she was the reason behind the fertility and growth of plants and the famine. Persephone, daughter of Demeter, was kidnapped by Hades and that had caused famine. He believed he needed someone to accompany him in the underworld. As stated by the book, Greek Mythology by Simone Payment,”After the famine, Demeter and Persephone had an agreement. They agreed that Persephone would live with him for 4 months of the year.”
Ancient Greeks had been very much tied to Demeter. They had an only-women festival devoted to the Goddess which showed the level of religious belief and devotion to the goddess. She had not many influences on literature as told by Britannica,”Demeter is rarely mentioned by Homer.” Obviously Demeter didn’t have much importance in few subjects, she was known important for the Agricultural products. She also was known for showing humankind the use of corn.
To conclude Demeter was an amazing Greek goddess. She did her job for the people and so did they to pray for her. It’s evident that the people of Ancient Greece admired her so much that they devoted a festival to her. Demeter also did a great job for allowing to show the people the use of corn. If she wasn’t around in Ancient Greece, no one would want to believe in growing

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