Demeter's Role In Greek Mythology

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Demeter, the goddess of fertile, green earth was the daughter of two of the titans, Cronus and Rhea (Freeman 69-70). She was an Olympian along with her brother Zeus and the two eventually they had a daughter together named Persephone (Encyclopedia Mythica). In works of art, Demeter is frequently shown melancholy and thoughtful (Encyclopedia Mythica). She is commonly referred to in the myth where Persephone is kidnapped and the myth in which she becomes the nurse for the King of Eleusis's children. Demeter is a notable figure in Greek mythology. Demeter plays a key role in a myth explaining the seasons. This myth begins with Persephone, Demeter's daughter, being captured by Hades, the god of the underworld (Encyclopedia Mythica). Demeter searched the earth for nine days in hope of finding her daughter but to no avail (Summers 66-69). During the time…show more content…
In one case, Erysichthon was cutting wood for a fire and cut down trees in a sacred grove of Demeter. "He ignored their cries and the blood dripping from their leaves" (Freeman 70). Demeter did not want a mortal to think that it was acceptable to defy her in such a way, so she cursed him with an infinite hunger. Eventually, Erysichthon ended up getting so hungry that food wasn't enough, so he began eating himself (Freeman 70). Provoking Demeter was not a wise move and could put you in grave danger. Demeter is a revered character in Greek mythology and one to be taken seriously as a character in mythology. Myths about Demeter explain the reasons for winter and why nothing grows. She is highly respected for making sure that crops are growing so people would not starve. If she did not do her job humans would die of hunger. She is also important because she taught Triptolemus the art of agriculture and how to cultivate crops. She is also taken seriously as a God because her harsh treatment to any that dare question her

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