Demi Lovato: A Modern Tragic Hero

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The concept of a tragic hero can also be applied to real-life individuals. For example, Demi Lovato is a perfect example of a modern day tragic hero. Lovato starts out as someone who is common in social status but becomes noble in character. Further, Demi Lovato worked hard for her career in music, amidst all of the hate she received from others. The setting of which Demi Lovato grew up in was one of loving family members, but also one of hateful peers that didn’t respect her for who she was. When, the harsh words Lovato received overthrew the love that was there, she became swept up in the whirlwind. Therefore, her tragic flaw that ultimately leads to her suffering is her lack of self confidence when faced with opposing forces. For the modern tragic hero, the downfall occurs when her situation with bullies spiteful words started to build up inside of her until she finally can not take it anymore. For instance, Demi’s tyrants would call her “fat”, she believed them, and would soon after develop unhealthy eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, and so much more in the future. After Demi Lovato had done so much self harm, Lovato undergoes recognition, a shift from ignorance about her own…show more content…
From her ordinary beginning to her widespread suffering brought on by corrupt thoughts and feelings, Lovato matches all of the qualifications of a modern hero. Thus, Lovato was almost incapable of remaining strong against the oppressing thoughts she had about herself every day, that were brought upon her by degrading peers. Nevertheless, Lovato fought back against all the pain and suffering those hurtful words lead on, and to this day is empowering everyone around the globe to remain strong and true to themselves. If we all could just empower and lift each other up without having to make people suffer, in a world already filled with challenges, the impact it would have on this world would be for the

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