Demi Lovato's Confident: Song Analysis

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Despite having a downfall in 2010 when she went to rehab to deal with an eating disorder, addictions and mental illnesses, Demi Lovato rose up from the ashes and has now become a powerhouse in the music industry, joining fellow ex-Disney stars, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Demi is not afraid to speak out about her struggles, with becoming a strong advocate of shedding off the stigmatizations of mental illnesses and spokesperson towards promoting self-love and confidence, so much so that she also discusses such strong topics in her music. With her new album, Confident, she does not fail to portray how far she has come and grown as a person. Compared to her previous albums, Confident feels truer to Demi’s personality. The songs in Confident are more consistent throughout the whole album with the theme she wants to portray with this release. Confident is definitely a suitable title to this album, where all her songs portray confidence in one-way or another. Demi stuck with her pop roots with Confident but several songs have some influences from other genres such as blues, jazz and gospel. Definitely more colourful compared to her other albums that stuck tightly with pop or pop rock and rarely exploring other…show more content…
This song explores feelings of strength and hope from the help of someone who is dear to you. The light feel from the instrumental provides and complements Demi’s strong vocals, ranging from C#5 to G#5, and makes the song more soulful and emotional. ‘Father’, a song about Demi coming into terms with her issues from her Dad and his passing, had a total absence from percussions. It uses the piano as the main instrumental and also brings in a gospel choir to complement her vocals towards the end of the song where she reaches an outstanding F#5. The composition of the song is effective in the feelings Demi wants to portray in the song, which is vulnerability and sadness but

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