Demi Lovato Impact On Mental Health

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Demi Lovato is an American singer, songwriter, actress, advocate, philanthropist, and business woman who rose to prominence when she was 16 years old. The pressure from the spotlight as well as the bullying she received as a child was the reason behind her becoming a drug addict, alcoholic, as well as resulting in her having an eating disorder.Demi was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Demi’s advocacy over Mental Health issues through sharing of her own personal experiences resulted in her being awarded the Artistic Award of Courage in 2015. Demi further spread awareness about Mental Health by speaking at the Democratic National Convention in 2016 where she addressed the support of laws that can provide access to better health care for everyone. She further went on to state at the convention, “This is not about politics; it’s simply the right thing to do.”Demi’s support of various charities, her anti-bullying campaigning worldwide, advocacy for Mental Health and her raising awareness of LGBT issues and causes has made her a role model. She encourages younger generations through social media platforms and her music to not label Mental Health as a stigma. She uses her own personal experience with a mental illness to empower others to not feel ashamed, to educate others and to influence and motivate others to not make the same mistakes as she did as a teenager.Demi Lovato did not view her diagnosis of being bipolar as a setback, and instead is using it to educate the world

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