Demi Lovato Mental Illness Analysis

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Demi Lovato is an advocate for mental health, because of her having multiple mental illnesses, and also her father. I found this blog post by Lindsay Holmes called, “How Demi Lovato is Leading the Conversation about Mental Illness”. It starts off by saying, “Many people who experience mental illness feel like they have to suffer in silence due to negative stereotypes associated with their conditions. Demi Lovato is actively working to change that.” Just by reading the first two sentences, I knew that this blog was going to be truthful about how people are treated when they have a mental illness. Lovato spoke up about her mental illness 4 years ago, she went into rehab a few months before. She is not a perfect advocate for mental illnesses.…show more content…
“It's an encouraging trend, given that research shows many people with mental health conditions don't seek treatment due to fear of shame or judgment.” I strongly believe that this statement is true. Many are terrified of what others think of them, so they hide their feelings. So many don’t want to talk about what is going on in their mind. However, Demi Lovato says she, “personally finds that talking about what's going on in her mind gives her the perspective she needs, but it takes work and time to uncover what works best for each individual.” I truly believe this, because when I need someone to talk to, I talk to my best friend. She is always there for me, and she understands my problems. Lovato says, “You can live well with a mental illness, it may take time, but it’s worth it. You deserve to live a happy and healthy life.” Mental health is something that I am so passionate about that I would do anything to make people see that it is normal to have a mental illness. Demi Lovato helped me when I was depressed, and I am ready to help people like

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