Democracy And Democracy Essay: Democracy Vs. Monarchy

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Democracy vs. Monarchy Torture. Total destruction. Inequality. A life where freedoms and rights are restricted. That is what a monarchy is. If life in a monarchy sounds like this, why live in one? Why live in a system that can not even be stable? Everyday, lives can be changed in a blink of an eye. It is that simple. One decision can ultimately change the whole world around. In monarchies, the society places their trust on one leader. Why leave it to one person in charge who can put lives at stake? Why trust someone when they might not be trustworthy? This is why there is a different system. A system where lives are not on the line. What is this wonderous system? A democracy. Democracies ensures that life can be more simple as opposed to a monarchy. This form of government makes sure that the citizens get more say. Citizens can be assured that more of their rights and freedom are guaranteed. Also, this system tends to hold power longer. No one would want their government to fall apart, do they? With the knowledge of democracies and monarchies, it is very clear that a democratic system is more efficient, and beneficial. To begin, people need to take in account that democracies allow people to have more say. For example, the website “” states many ideas about the people getting lots of says. It states “Majority rules,…show more content…
A democracy provides many more beneficial factors as opposed to a monarchy. More say is granted to people, rights and freedom is guaranteed, and power being held for a long time are only a few benefits from a democracy. And what does a monarchy provide? A long, and painfully agonizing life of being controlled by one person. Living in a monarchy, may potentially be called torture.Who would want to live in this system; No one. This is why a democracy is more efficient, and can even be more beneficial, than a monarchy ever

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