Democracy In Islam

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Today’s considerations or acceptance is that the Western countries are the sole innovators of the newly established phenomenon or the system of governance in contemporary world called “Democracy”. Democracy is not ancient time of governing system but it is relatively new to other methods of governance, wherein only single man is not responsible for running out or accomplishing the stated responsibilities and legal rules or procedures.
Almost the majority of countries in contemporary world are taking most of benefits from this, usually these countries are considered peaceful, prosperous, developed and law abiding and civilized nations. According to some experts, the main reason of their aggrandizement is the
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The kingdom rule and domination of one man were proliferated or prevailed throughout the history. Islam was the only religion of that time which opposed all those unacceptable, incompetent and inappropriate practices and devised a new system of governance, which was based on accountability, not only benefited for a any specified person or family but for the general masses.
If we analyze the political situation of Muslims in the era of Khulf-e-Rashideen a scene of peoples government appears before our eyes, whose leader was a politically elected Ameer. He had limited sovereignty and powers. His special powers were confined within the parameters of administrative matters, for instances, supervision of police, administration of armed forces, matters relating to foreign policy and distribution of financial resources etc. but he could not violate the authentic prevalent rules and regulation

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In Western democracy, the people are sovereign on the other hand in Islamic democracy sovereignty is vested in Allah and the people are His caliphs or representatives. In the former the people make their own; in the latter they have to follow and obey the laws (Sharia) given by Allah through His Prophet. In one the government undertakes to fulfill the will of the people; in the other the government and the people have to fulfill the will of the

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