Democracy Essay: Democracy Vs. Monarchy

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Democracy vs. Monarchy Torture. Total destruction. Inequality. A life where freedoms and rights are restricted. That is what a monarchy is. If life in a monarchy sounds like this, why live in one? Why live in a system that cannot even be stable? Everyday, lives can be changed in a blink of an eye. It is that simple. One decision can ultimately change the whole world around. In monarchies, the society places their trust on one leader. Why leave it to one person in charge who can put lives at stake? Why trust someone when they might not be trustworthy? This is why there is a different system. A system where lives are not on the line. What is this wondrous system? A democracy. Democracies ensure that life can be simpler as opposed to a monarchy.…show more content…
For example, the website “” states many ideas about the people getting the right to speak out. It states “Majority rules, people’s rights, power of voting…” This sets a democracy to a form of government where it favors the people. The citizens have control and some power of what goes on in their own country. The article also states, “People have freedom and power of voting and choosing what they want.” The main idea about a democracy is having the people have rights to speak up in the government. This system favors and encourages the citizens to feel as if they are a part of the government. Sure, there are people who might say that in a monarchy, all decisions are made by one person. Therefore, that person is the only one held accountable. It makes sense of how decisions are not made by multiple people. However, just imagine agreeing with one person without having an option. Unless the whole population in the country agrees with that one person, there are still people who disagree. It would be a different story if all of society agrees with the leader. There is a very slim chance of that ever happening. That is why the citizens having more say sounds way better than having one person control
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