Democracy From Athens To America Analysis

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For thousands of years, humans have had some sort of government to maintain order. There are many different types of government; including but not limited to: democracy, monarchy, and dictatorship. In America, democracy has been used since its forming into what we know today. The American people had wanted a chivalrous, fair government. This want, combined with their fierce and indomitable urge to be free to do what they wanted quickly shaped early America. It seems obvious that they, the first Americans involved with forming it into modern day America, wanted an infallible government. That remains true to today. Even though some people may say we are remiss in our duties, we still want our governing body to be altruistic. Our government was formed to be altruistic and fair. In the speech “Democracy: From Athens to America”, the following has been stated: “Lincoln’s United States was a fledgling democracy… So when Lincoln stated that ours was a ‘government by the people, for the people,’ he expressed his indomitable belief in democracy.” (Democracy: From Athens to America speech) America has always been a “government by the people, for the people” since the beginning and continues to be today. Early Americans weren’t diffident and needed a government as…show more content…
It is also about giving equal opportunities. When it was started, being seen as equal was unheard of. This is a big idea behind democracy. “At a time when there was a dearth of individual rights, the forerunner of the modern democratic state had arrived.” (Democracy: From Athens to America speech) The reason the first colonists had fled Britain was because they weren’t given the basic rights of believing in what they wanted. They founded America on the idea of being equal opportunity for everyone. What the citizens of ancient Greece and early Americans were going through were very similar and fueled both peoples fight for

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