Democracy In Malaysia

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Introduction of Democracy in Malaysia
Democracy is a system that people decide and make decision as a group. The terms of Democracy formed by ancient Greeks that combine the words demos which mean people and krates which also mean as rule. So that the Democracy are refer to people-power or rule by people. The principle of democracy is, all the people have a vote and rights in decision making. Normally, the principle of democracy use in the form of government to make law and election. The principle also suitable to use in different places like business, companies, organisation and other. The governments that hold the democracy system can know as the government of people because people choose their leader and representative.
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Direct democracy is all the power places in the hands of individual. When a political decisions must be made, all members of a polity stick together and individually have a vote. Representative democracy is to set up a medium political actor between the individual and the policy outputs of the state. Through the election, people are elected and assigned with the task of making decisions on behalf of the group of citizens that they represent.
Democracy in Malaysia
Malaysia is a federation of 13 states which is operating within a constitutional monarchy under the Westminster parliamentary system and also known as a representative democracy. The federal governments of Malaysia are the supreme law of the land and are containing three main branches which is legislative, judiciary and executive. Each of the state government in Malaysia also contain their own legislative and executive bodies. All of them are operating with the principal of separation of power which to ensure that each of the branches would not abuse it’s power.

Introduction of Communism in
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First there is a difference in the system between democracy Malaysia and China communism. In Malaysia, there is not one person to decide all the law but all the laws and it has to go through parliament for discussion. Parliament is the center for Malaysia to make discussion and gather all information then they only decide and make the law. Based on Abraham Lincoln’s, he said that mighty characterization of democracy, government from commonwealth. This is because there is voting system or electoral system from the starting of shaping a government, party system, passing legislation, decision, selecting a bellwether are by means of voting process. Therefore, the authority is in the hand of the people. After the voting system or electoral system, the electoral person or team (government) is just a delegate to carry out input and order from the below,

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