Democracy In Salinas

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Introduction In the middle of the California coast is Monterey County, Monterey County is made up of many wonderful sites described as “must-see” places in California websites, travelling websites, and even National Geographic. The drive down Highway 1, the Monterey Aquarium, the Mission in Carmel, and so many other places that define much of California’s beauty and history. Inside Monterey County, more inland, is the town of Salinas. Salinas may not be so popular next to one of the major tourist attractions in California; however, it is a very important example of democracy in local government, especially in California. This is due to a vote that made it possible for the vast Latino population in Salinas to obtain representation to the point of taking over local government. Salinas Valley has been shaped dramatically in the time before and after the major switch to district elections from at-large elections. Traditionally, the Latino population was largely underrepresented in local government, despite their makeup in the population. Thus, their role in the Salinas and Monterey County local government has made an enormous impact…show more content…
This was a completely nonviolent use of mobilization in a community that was not represented at all. Using the power of community mobilization as a way to promote better representation in government has helped improve the Latino community in Salinas. It was a community where people were not succeeding, while their white counterparts were flourishing. Thus, using the strikes and filing the lawsuit have articulated their frustrations in a way that turned out to be more successful. Once they achieved political power, the communities were no longer left to their own vices, the local government actually paid
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