Democracy In The American Dream

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Democracy is supposed to help empower a nation’s capital by providing a sense of control in the country’s accomplishments by its people. A successful democracy, in all forms, enables a nation’s prosperity, as it allows for compromise based on the input of individuals. The happiness of the people in their society indicates motive to participate and be a member of it. As most democracies are parallel with a capitalist economy, citizens supposedly have the ability to contribute as they like. Everyone is said to have an opportunity to thrive, as all have exposure to resources to help guide them. Though this is ideal, the alignment of capitalism to democracy demonstrates how the success of an individual is determined by their power to appeal to…show more content…
The “American Dream” is built upon the idea of expanding one’s own ability due to the opportunities provided through having a democratic government and capitalist economy. Essentially though, there is no freedom among people that determines their success because ideas and materials which may attribute to prosperity are only in result of supply and demand. Representatives are put into power because they supply people with the notions which they demand, and businesses succeed due to supplying a service people which they demand. An individual can only succeed by having an extraordinary idea which grants people with something they were not aware of their want for. Although occupation is seemingly a person’s own choice, “we, the proletariat, don’t have the means to make our own living as we like, to create the society we’d like to live in. Thus, to survive in capitalist society we need the money to buy the commodities it produces” (Ruptura). This decision is limiting when you are not the person developing the revolutionary ideas which sell. People have the choice to work in whichever field they may please, yet they do so only to be able to afford the products set by larger franchises, as “things have a price, a value, because they are produced in a society in which private producers and consumers socialize the production through the market” (Ruptura). Capitalism and democracy reflect the competition of appealing to a greater audience; whether that be opposing political parties or rising businesses and stocks which strive for the most success. Success is determined by majority, not individual, therefore although the input of an individual helps compose a majority, a single individual’s mindset is merely irrelevant if others are not agreeing with their
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