Democracy In Uganda Essay

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Democracy refers to a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.”(Abraham Lincoln). Democracy emanates from a Greek word Demokratia which translates to the rule of people. In other words, power rests with people in democracy. (
Democracy is a form of governance in which the supreme powers are vested in the hands of people and is exercised by them indirectly or directly through a system of representation usually involving periodic fair elections ( Most importantly, the rule of is needed to ensure that governors are held accountable through elections that are free and fair (Rose, R 2009) Democracy really means nothing or less than the rule of people,
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Most countries are still in democratization process and are facing lot of challenges. This essay will focus on democracy in developing countries and Uganda will be my case study.
Uganda’s democracy path and history is highlighted below;
Uganda is considered to be a democratic country, however in my view; it’s only arriving at it this so due to a number of democratic challenges. As we will see below, even when Uganda is said to be democratic, at least in each of her governance and institutional frameworks there are quite a number of loopholes that one would base on to disqualify her as a democratic state. The major argument is based on two major aspects one being manipulation of systems and institutions by executive and less separation of power among the three major arms of Government; Judiciary, Executive and Legislature.(Byaruhanga J 2013)
In a democratic state, the citizens are entitled to: Participation, the fundamental role of citizens in a democratic government is to participate in public sphere especially by exercising their right to vote during any election. And in order for people to vote wisely it is necessary that each citizen listens to the views of different parties and candidates and then makes his or her own decision on whom to vote for or political party to
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