Democracy In Western Civilization

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The Greeks played an important role in the foundation of Western Civilization’s political science (Wolfe 1). Behind the establishment of democracy lies a legacy filled of empowerment, strategic leadership, and loyalty that lead to the ultimate victory of political freedom. There were many Greeks however, who opposed and argued against democracy, but for the Athenians it’s what made Athens great. Athenians enjoyed a life enriched with their views of freedom, believing this is what allowed humans to reach their fullest potential (8). Political freedom did not come easy, yet was birthed from a war that changed the course of Civilization worldwide. In the film The Greeks: The Crucible of Civilization - Part 02 - Golden Age, Athens go to war against…show more content…
Plato views democracy as complete chaos and disorder (5). He expresses his concerns that poor people will view the rich in the assembly as mortal enemies, and eventually rob them, causing an overthrow of the government (4). This is because a democratic state is filled with people who do not have to answer to anyone, and is completely free of any responsibilities (5). Plato explains, through his character Socrates, how democracy is rebellion against oligarchy (5). Oligarchy desires money, but can control its desires, whereas democracy is driven by unnecessary pleasure and cannot control itself (5). Plato fears that this major weakness would lead to democracy to fall into the control of a tyranny…show more content…
Athenians took pride in the establishment of their democracy built from empowerment, strategic leadership, and loyalty. This is evident in Pericles’ famous speech delivered at a funeral to honor those who have previously died in war. In his speech, Pericles boasts about all the different virtues that make up the great and successful Athenian democracy, declaring that “the admiration of the present and succeeding ages will be ours” (2). The citizens of Athens have proven themselves patriotic, courageous, loyal, and honorable- all attributes that cultivated the ultimate political freedom found in their democracy. Impressive how we view and understand this ancient city as the place of origin for equal rights and democratic values that we incorporate in today’s

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