Democracy Is The Best Form Of Government

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A government is the system which has a control over the people or a state. Government is necessary in a state to enforce laws and take over the economic and political care over it. The main function of each and every government is to remain in power and to bring legitimacy among the people. It also has to take care of education, poor, trade and economy, sanitation, culture, etc. this government is of different types. Some are democracy, republic, monarchy, dictatorship and aristocracy.
The types of governments
Democracy is explained by Abraham Lincoln as “government of the people, by the people and for the people”. It is completely governed by a representative of a people who is elected by voting method. Direct democracy means that the people they themselves select their leader. Whereas in indirect democracy people vote their representatives and the representatives elect their leader. India is a good example for this kind of government. Monarchy is a government ruled by a king and is called as an empire. It existed in China. United Kingdom literally has a Queen but it is more of a democratic form of government and the Queen has less power. Dictatorship is a form of government in which a single person takes charge over a country. It may be led by single person or by a group of people. Hitler in Germany and communist party in china are good examples of dictatorship.
Freedom and equality I prefer democratic form of

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