Is Democracy The Best Form Of Government Essay

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Abraham Lincoln, a famous eloquent American president once quotes that “Those who deny freedom to others does not deserve it themselves” (L.Pierce) In perspective of this extremely truthful quote, I proceed to define the essential words in title as indicated by the Oxford English Dictionary that Democracy can be best define as the Government by the people that is, an arrangement of Government in which all the populace of the state or a country are involves in making decisions about its affairs ordinarily by voting to choose a representatives to a parliament assembly. In other words, it is a system where the choice and the mode of governance are dictated by individuals through a few set of persons elected by the individuals to speak or represent them. Incorporating this definition, the title which is a direct question can be revised as: Is Democracy the best form of Government? To begin with, in case I am to supply a direct response to the main Question, my honest answer would be insistent yes. This is not intended to sound true alone, but I would like to give fitting reasons why I think the correct answer to the Question is to the affirmative. This Essay critically examines other forms of Government. It sheds more light on what Democracy is. It analyses the different types of Democracy we have. It compares and contrast democracy with other forms of…show more content…
Most countries are presently a Democratic Government because there is no other form of Government that is said to be better. Democracy is considered to be the best form of Government because People have the right to voice out their opinion. They have the right to elect their representative. In democracy, the Government considered the peoples welfare above its own ideology. Above all, the real power is vested in the hands of the

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