Democracy Is The Best System In Plato's Kallipolis

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Plato 's kallipolis is not a totalitarian nightmare, but it does call into light the striking differences between the common conception that democracy is the best system. Plato created his city to be based around the idea of a just city. Some people may view a system that is perfectly just as a negative thing as it would affect their ability to be unjust and take advantage of other people. Plato proselytized the fact that people have always wanted to be able to have more and that there is a pit of greed in some men. Plato had a system to remove these temptations from the civilians of the society. Plato came up with three different working groups the guardians, the military , and the auxiliary class who were the people that supported the city such as builders and farmers. A guardian 's job was to guide the city because they are people that have been chosen to lead that are highly trained in moral education throughout their entire life 's to only then dedicate it to the people of the city. The guardians are to serve the people and never have any private property. Plato realizes that the material world is a cause of our greed. The aspect of wanting more and more for ourselves will cause greed and injustice in the society and therefore produce an unjust city. Plato makes a distinct and clear…show more content…
The guardians are fed by the taxation of the civilians and they therefore serve the civilians like a dog to the master by his side for the utmost protection of that master. I do not see how a government that is to the heel of the power of the people could be considered a totalitarian government. When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is
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