Democracy: The Advantages And Demerits Of Democracy

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Democracy has been defined as the government of the people. In a Government people are themselves the ruler of the ruled. Government is formed through elections. All the people citizens cast votes and elect their leaders. Thus it is a people 's government. It is go through their elected leader. Dictatorship is the form of Government in which there is centralization of power. The all power rests in the one hand of individual. The people have no say in the matters of Government. In India, England and American, etc; there is democracy. In China, there is dictatorship. The main advantages of democracy are three. First in the Government from of people enjoy a great deal. They get freedom for the self-expression. They could criticize the Government through the press and the platform. The Government can be dismiss at the will of the people. In such a Government, people are powerful. In England, Sir Winston Churchill won the Second World War and became the hero of war-time. But after the war his government were dismissed Secondly, in the all citizen democracy treat in equals. No distinctions is made on the basic of caste. All the citizens provide equal opportunity. Thirdly, democracy is best suitable for a country in the peace times. Everything great achieved through the co-operation of the people. Co-cooperation of the people its basic principle. There are some disadvantage also of democracy. It is very slow move from the Government. For everything,
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