Democracy: The Best Form Of Government

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Democracy was always thought of as the best form of government that can lead a community of people. Its definition by Nyerere is that “democracy is government by discussion as opposed to government by force” (Nyerere 169). Basically, it’s a government by the people in which the citizens have the opportunity to change the government at any time. Democracy can produce many great products as well as negative ones. The democratic form of government has the potential to lead a group of people to success, but sometimes democracy doesn’t seem like the best way to run a country. It is a government by the people, which means the people need to participate actively in the functions of the government. Democracy also works best when educated people can guide and make informed decisions about the future of the society. The majority must agree, and if they don’t, people separate and democracy is no longer as effective. Also, in certain cases, corruption inside democracy can lead to the downfall of democracy and turn it into another form of government. Democracy has its benefits and disadvantages as well as strict guidelines to make it a democracy. There are many opinions on how effective and efficient democracy is. For now democracy is not the best form of government, but it’s the sufficient until there is a more desirable form. In a democracy, the majority rules. The majority is seen as a benefit to the wellbeing of the society or a great downfall for the individual person. Democracy
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