Democracy: The Causes Of Democracy Around The World

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Democracy around the World Democracy means the way people choose their leaders by voting. Rome is the origin of the democracy, means democracy has a long history. At that era, only few people were able to vote as they wanted because everyone in the country couldn’t gather into one place. Most of the people who were able to vote were from the upper class and only males were considered as citizens because they believed that males had a special place in the society. And because of this reason middle and lower class women were unable to vote. However with the time this system changed and modern ways of voting took place in the world. The way people choose leaders differ from country to country. Most of the time, the authority holds an election and the whole country vote to their favored candidate. In most of the countries, people nominate their candidate by writing on a paper. But this method wastes time and money because people have to transport the votes to a certain place to count them. And also it consumes man power to a greater sale. Furthermore this also wastes money. When we consider about this voting method, there are lots of flaws. For example, sometimes authority cannot provide enough security when they transport votes from one place to another and lots of corruptions take place in the vote counting centers. To avoid these flaws, they have invented a new voting system called, Wireless Electronic Voting System. Researchers have showed that this method prevents most of

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