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US “Democracy” Today The US today is full of freedoms and rights. Although, many rights are violated. The government of our country is having many difficulties. The government had a shut down since Obama did not know how to fix our broken economy. Many people debate on subjects that never get resolved. Debates, such as the economy never get fixed. But debates are just one of the reasons the U.S. is not a democracy. All in all, the voting statistics, gun debates, and police brutality are some of the main reason why the US isn’t a democracy. Voting is a good thing for our government. The people choose a representative to speak for them in the government.Although many people in this country do not voter although many are registered to…show more content…
Many debate on this issue but no one does anything to stop it or let it stay. “Mass shootings used to inspire a national conversation on guns. Now we find something else to talk about.” (Jessica Winter) Ever since all these mass shootings we tend to stop arguing and start talking about something else. The gun debate will never go away. This is one major way why the US does not follow their democracy since we wanted change but the government has not done…show more content…
Police brutality is a big issue in this country. “Alex Landau, an African-American man, recalls how he was raised by his adoptive white parents to believe that skin color didn’t matter. But when he was pulled over by Denver police officers in 2009, he lost his belief in a colorblind world when he was nearly beaten to death.” ("I Was Almost Another Dead Black Male": Denver Teen Recalls Police Beating After 2009 Traffic Stop”) America is having a lot of trouble with today’s government. Many people agree that the government is unjust and is not as free as stated. Although American citizens get a lot of freedoms, politically our country is unfair. With the “elected representatives” they do not produce what the people want. Simply not having many voting citizens, many debates such a gun debates, and police brutality take part in the not so democratic government of the United

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