Democratic Party Comparison

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The Democratic Party is labeled as a “purple party” with Blue leaders, while the Republican Party is a Red Party with Red Leaders and only gets redder. This means that members of the Democratic Party lean less to the left than Republican members lean to the right. Members of the Republican Party are more “pure” in their views, while members of the Democratic Party are not as firm in their blue stances. Democratic leaders and members are more like to defect from their views than Republican leaders and members. Democratic-leading independents, for example, are more likely to vote Republican than pure Democrats. Part of the reason why Democrats do not perform as well in federal elections is because there are not enough voters to secure consistent electoral victory for Democrats, as compared to the Republican Party which has a more “pure” following.
The Democratic Party is much more racially diverse than the Republican Party. The Democratic
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My mother is much more Democratic than my father is. My dad, although he is Jewish, is more economically Republican than my mom is. My mom is a stay-at-home mom who did not grow up with much money, while my dad grew up much richer and works for the world’s second largest life insurance company in the world. He is much more focused on economic issues than social issues, unlike my mother who is more focused on education and equal opportunity for all, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, race, and other characteristics out of one’s control.
I am also bothered by a point made by Jackie Calmes in the article “Democrats try Wooing Ones Who Got Away: White Men”. It annoys me greatly how some, not all, white men shut out the Democrats for talking about issues such as birth control and Obamacare, but then throw themselves into debates about abortion. The impression I received from the article is that they do not care about issues which do not affect them, yet still need to exert some sort of
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